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Thermoplastics processing

Plastics processing is a dominant branch of the business. We provide services in processing of thermoplastics like PP, PS, SAM, ABS, PE, PC, PA using injection technology.

We use modern injection moulding machines including Arburg, Engle, Kraus Maffei and Battenfeld machines with clamping forces from 600 to 800 tons, together with necessary auxiliary equipment such as: thermostats, dye feeders and material dryers.
Two independent cooling systems for machines and tools, together with the central material feeding system, ensure stability of the production parameters.

We produce for well-known European companies. We produce, for example: various types of containers used in households such as: food storage containers, feeders, bowls, buckets, kitchen utensils, pots, etc.
We also produce various types of technical mouldings for the automotive industry.

In addition, we offer printing using screen printing and pad printing methods, assembly and packaging of finished products.

Technical specification of injection moulding machines

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