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"Przyjazn" Invalids' Co-operative in Supca, began business in 1951. Initially, the company specialized in shoemaking, tailoring, and trading. In the 60's the co-operative started to specialized in three areas - plastics, electrical components, and woodwork, including at first foil packaging, coil winding, and wooden boxes. As a result of the development of the production base and expansion of co-operational network, in the 70's the company started forming the current company profile, which includes:

The co-operative currently employs 340 people, of whom 95% are people with disabilities. Production is divided into two departments: thermoplastics processing department and department of electrical components assembly.


Strategic objectives presented on the main page are extended to specific operational objectives, developed annualy under the Integrated Management System Programme.

Our employees are provided with: work in positions suitable for people with disabilities, medical care, and assistance in financing the purchase of rehabilitation equipment and medicines.

We provide the possibility of using rehabilitation periods and stay at our Recreation and Rehabilitation Center.

The employment policy is guided by the principle of equal opportunities regardless of gender, race or ethnic origin, religion, beliefs, age or sexual orientation.


In 2002, the Cooperative has implemented Integrated Management System in terms of quality and environmental standards, currently based on the PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2005 and received certificates of: Polish Centre for Testing and Certification and IQNet confirming compliance of the business (design, manufacturing, assembly, sales of plastic products and electrical goods) with the above standards. Since 2002, the company has received a positive evaluation of four renewal audits, and obtained extension of certificates No. JS ? 64/5/2012 until 09.01.2015.